2 Years EHS Anniversary

I have had 2 year anniversary. When I became ill, I did not know how long I was in it for or if I was going to get any better. I became worse every day for long time. It almost felt like rolling down the hill and there is no sign of recovery in sight.

I have found that there is no single cure like a magic bullet. I am on the healing journey. Although my condition is improving, there is no guarantee that I will one day completely be cured or when I am going to be cured. The recovering is not linear and there is occasional unexpected hick ups.

My sensitivity has gradually decreased over time. I can be in the environment that is not EHS friendly for longer without getting the headache. Most of days, I do not have headache. I get tingling (buzzing) sensation on the head but it does not turn into headache. I do get drained when I have more exposure to EMF/RF. I still have irritability but not as much as before.

I can give gratitude now. During the suffering, I could hardly give gratitude. I could conceptually give gratitude but I could not feel the gratitude, because the life was suffering. I am regaining my confidence back.

I have lost so much in the suffering such as money, time, friendship, fun, connection and etc, but I have gained health knowledge and desire to improve quality of life.

I kept working, held on to a job and supported my family in this difficult tragedy and I am proud of that. No one can understand what I went through even people with EHS can, because everyone’s life is unique. I am just going to continue with my course and see what life takes me to.

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