3 Year Anniversary Update

It has been 3 years since electromagnetic hypersensitivity was triggered in me. It has been a quite journey to say the least. My condition has vastly improved. I am taking massive amount of supplement everyday and I am not going to stop until I am completely out of the woods.

Today, I can go out with a friend who has a cell phone for couple hours and I can still hold the conversation. Before, I get brain fog and it was very difficult for me to have a real conversation and remember everything. I also had a lot of anxiety about going out. I do not feel well, but I can go into stores with fluorescent lights. I get less stress headache from my business partner, my wife or from my daughter. I am more optimistic than before, and I do not have suicidal thought anymore. I feel like getting completely cured is possible. Now, I can go see a movie and go shopping.

Before, I was wondering why I was feeling good if I had a good day. Now, I wonder why I feel bad, if I had bad day. I have more good days than bad days, and it has becoming the norm now.

I still get anxiety when going to new place with a lot of people like theme park (due to amount of cell phones people have), hotel (fluorescent light and Wifi). I do not feel well in some restaurants (I am guessing it is combination of lighting and Wifi).

There are still things I can work on such as getting at least 8 hours of sleep, stop consuming alcohol, mediate consistently, practice gratitude. They are becoming easier to do because who can practice gratitude when you have chronic headache, brain fog and depression? It was very difficult for me even though I had a lot to be grateful.

I am still affected and I cannot say that becoming EHS is a blessing, but it did benefit me in few ways. I am more educated about environmental toxins, supplementation, juicing, benefit of organic food, Non-GMO, connection between mental and physical health. I am still on the journey and I will see where it will take me.

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