4 Years Anniversary Update

It is kind of late 4 Years Anniversary update, but better late than never so I decided to write an update. I am not completely healed but I tolerate cell phone much better now.

Whenever I used to put my wife’s cell phone on airplane mode, I got headache, but it does not bother me too much. I actually now have iPad with cellular data package. I keep it on airplane mode all the time except in emergency and I need to check email or make a call through Google voice.  I do not have headache but I still get tied and brain fog. I am able to use pressure washer without any issues. Although I got massive brain fog, I was able to use dual action polisher without getting a headache. Although I got pretty tired, I was able to go to county fair with my family.

There is slight down side on getting better. My wife thinks that I am completely healed because I seem to be fine when her cell phone is turned on which she does not tell me that it is on. Because of that, she leaves her on more often than I like around me along with her fit bit and iWatch. She tells me that it is all in my mind and I am healed. It is kind of stupid argument because I know about my body and condition the best. I understand that she is frustrated because I am still not completely healed after 4 years. To me, it is a great progress since I did not even know if I would get much better. When it started, my condition deteriorated very quickly every day. It was like rolling down a hill. The recovery is opposite and it has been taking long time.

My life is much better and I feel more joy. Zest for the life is coming back. How you feel about experience is all about how your health is. I went on a vacation to same place. I did not have good time at all when I went there 4 years ago, because I was severely EHS. This time around, I had good time and experience was more enjoyable since my condition is much better. I cannot take my health for granted and I need to stay the course. I need to overcome this completely

It is still difficult to hang out with people since I do not have cell phone. It is hard to make new friends or meet up with friends somewhere since I do not have cell phone. I do not like telling people that I do not have a cell phone and explain about my condition. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me. I do not feel that EHS is socially accepted. It is normal if you are allergic to nuts, dog, or have eczema, but not to EMF, Wifi or Cell Phone singals.

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