I became EMF Hypersensitive and realize that there is not enough information available on electromagnetic hypersensitivity treatment or information are scutters around the Internet. I gathered information on electromagnetic hypersensitivity from the Internet and various books and created this website to offer much-needed information to those who are suffering from electrical sensitivity.

With banning of incandescent light bulbs and more advanced technology, we are going to see more and more people with EMF related problems. Exposure to a too much electromagnetic field will weaken your immune system over time and cause illness such as electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The general population needs to be aware of electric pollution and we need to create a better living environment for present and future generation. News tends to focus on topics such as global warming, but EMF pollution is one of biggest pollution in the 21st century. Technology no doubt made our life more convenient but it has created pollution and a new type of illness along the way. I hope the information will give you insight and help you in the path of recovery.

Thank you for stopping by.