Attended 4 day seminar

I had an opportunity to attend personal development seminar in my home town. The cost was bare minimum although I had to take off work for 2 days.  I had concern about seminar’s fluorescent light if any and cell phones from people who are attending the seminar.  I am happy to say that I have completed the seminar and now I know that I can attend seminars, go to movie theater and etc. My world just has expanded.

The hall way had lower ceiling and compact fluorescent lights. I avoided the hall way by going to a balcony and hang out there. I also avoided going near people who are talking on the cell phone or texting. I tried to sit on the end of the row near the wall. I put 2 lifewave’s eon patch every day.

The thing I noticed in this seminar and from my previous experience is that when I am concentrated and engaged, then the symptom is not very bad. I was so focused and engaged in the seminar, I was not too bothered. When I encountered situation like people next to me started to use cell phone, I tried to keep myself calm and not think in distress.

It was going pretty good until around 6pm. The seminar started from 9am and it went on until 7pm. I noticed every day that I do not do well starting around 6pm. I think my nervous system is exhausted by then.

In the lunch time, I wanted to network but I needed much time to recover and rejuvenate, so I found a restaurant that has patio and ate by myself. If I had extra time left, I went to sit outside and meditated. I never talked about my condition with anyone because that would remind myself of the condition. I think when you are recovering, you just have to test your boundary and get your nervous system to used to the things that you are afraid of.

In the seminar, the speaker said that “When you are OK with the struggle and fear, amygdala switches off. “. I feel like that is so true with EMF hypersensitivity.



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