Cheap cell phone plan for EHS who does not use phone much

I used to be with unreal mobile that was good price about $10 and I was pretty happy with it until I came across issue with various services. I do not use phone much and 99.99% of the time, the phone is on airplane mode. I only use it when I am out and I need to access Internet or need to make a quick call or send text message. Unreal mobile’s phone number is VOIP so I have to use their app to make a call. The issue with this is that I cannot use 911 to call emergency call to the police in case of emergency. Also, many of the websites do not accept VOIP number for verification such as eBay and Offerup so I was unable to use those services.

The last draw for me was when I went to REI to make a return. I had to give my cell phone number and they would text me when it is my turn to do the return. I gave unreal mobile phone number and I never received the text message. I also do not receive Chase bank’s verification text.

I switched to RedPocket and I am very happy with it since I can use the same network as AT&T which my wife has service with. It is a real phone number so I can use various services that I was unable to before. Also, it is only $10 a month. The only issue I am experiencing with RedPocket is that it is slow to connect once I disable the airplane mode. It takes about 45 seconds to connect to a network. Other than that, it works pretty good.

One issue I had was that I needed to download RedPocket profile to my iPhone which I had to use Wifi network to download it and install. That was not a pleasant experience for a EHS.

Without a mobile number, I felt like I was not living a normal life for some reasons. Now that I have a real mobile number and I can use it if I wanted to including making a 911 phone call, I feel much normal although I have the phone on the airplane mode for 99.99% of the time.

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