Coming out

Recently I run into friends who I became kind of close with. They asked me for my cell phone number, and I told them I do not have a cell phone. They asked me if it was due to my choice. I guess they kind of suspected something, so I told them that I became electromagnetic hypersensitive 3 years ago and I no longer have a cell phone. They did not react as much as I thought they would do. They asked me what else I am affected to and I told them fluorescent light. They were kind enough to point to the positive and told me that sometimes being away from cell phone without distraction is a good thing.

I have been thinking about how I feel not comfortable telling people about my electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Like I feel kind of ashamed of my condition or I am afraid that people may think I am weird. I have seen many of my friends and family not understand it. They would continue to use cell phone around me and lack of understanding or acceptance disappoints me.

Once I sold an item on Craigslist. The buyer sent her friend who was visiting San Diego to pick it up from me. When I met up with the friend, he did not have a hair, but I though he shaved it or something. Some people who has receding hair would do that, so I did not think anything much of it, but he told me that he is a cancer patient and showed me his cancer awareness bracelet. He told me that he came to San Diego for his chemotherapy treatment. He was not ashamed at all about his cancer. I was very sympathetic and that is probably the reaction you would get for this kind of illness. It is because cancer in fact life threatening illness. Death will make you aware that this illness is serious. Whereas you do not die from being EHS. One of the symptom of EHS is depression, so one may commit suicide, but you will not die from this condition.

I think people with EHS has a lot to deal with so they are not going to go out of their way to tell the world that they are sensitive unless they are in the environment that they need some kind of accommodation. One of my life goal is to be cured from this condition and I am going to help people who are EHS.

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