Connect iPad/iPone to Internet without wifi

I finally got this to work and it has been a relief. My wife uses iPad to stream video but my daughter is in the middle of the path from modem to iPad. Since my wife has Internet access, I can limit the wifi to midnight (It used to be 2am). *My modem let me schedule the wifi.

The method is exactly the same as this video. The part I struggled were I was not sure if I could cut corners by eliminating some adapters and steps.

All of the adapters and AC powered USB hubs are needed in order for it to work. Also I strongly suggest buying Apple adapters from actual Apple store instead of 3rd party like Amazon. The adapter I bought from Amazon had message that contains Chinese characters when connecting the device to my iPad. I seemed to work but I returned it because it did not look authentic although it looked like a apple product

1. lighting to USB camera adapter.
2. AC Powered USB Hub
3. USB Ethernet Adapter
4. Any USB Cable
5. Any Cat5 cable

This Internet by Ethernet setup works for iPhone as well. If iPhone gets Internet like this, you can still use text message (same carrier like att to att) and Line (Line Video Call) works. I wonder if face-time works.

The issue I have with this setup is Powered USB Hub as I sleep with breaks off. I need to find a long USB cable that can reach me from active wall outlet. I read the limit is 16ft but there is Active USB cable that can go pass 16ft limit. UPDATE: Active USB cable works and it is longer than 16ft.

*I was successfully connect using iPad Air and iPhone6.

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