EHS Pavlovian Conditioning

I am getting better, but I noticed that I have kept my EHS preventative behavior. They are things I do both consciously and unconsciously.

Below are some of the list:

  1. When I drive, I try to avoid over head electric wires by switching lane to the furthest.
  2. When I drive, I try to avoid over head electric wires by not get stuck under it by slowing down or accelerating.
  3. When I am walking or stand in cash register lane, I void people using a cell phone
  4. When I walk in front of the smart meter, I keep a distance or walk fast to get by
  5. When I walk in front of light fixture with fluorescent lights, I keep a distance or walk fast to get by
  6. I try not to go to stores with fluorescent lights
  7. When I am driving and stopping at the traffic light, sometimes I avoid being next to a car since it is probable that they have cell phone.
  8. I try avoid smell by walking fast or hold my breath

I remember when I was really ill, I even avoided listening to radio in the car. I was afraid that radio frequency or extra EMF from the radio would affect me. I am not sure if it had any effect because I had constant headache so I was not able to tell, but that shows how afraid I was with everything.

There was a experiment by Pavlov who tested conditioning of the dog by ringing a bell before giving food. This was done consistently and dog learned that he would get food when bell was rang. When bell was rang and there was no food, the dog continue to have salivated. EHS is same and it conditions people with EMF sensitivity. Every time you get headache and fatigue by stimulus such asĀ  EMF and wireless data, you start avoiding those stimulus. When your condition improves, you are still afraid of them and try to avoid them. I have gotten headache from cell phone that is on airplane mode, because my mind perceived it as a threat.

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