Electric and Hybrid Cars

I was always curious how the electric or hybrid car have health effect on people. My dad has Prius so I have ridden it. Back then, my EHS condition was at worst so I had constant headache. Although I was uncomfortable in the car, I cannot say it was all because of the car. There was probably cell phone in the car, over head electric wires, toll booth with auto payment and etc.

I have recently heard a story where husband purchased Tesla (electric car) for his wife and she is unable to drive it after 1 week.

Also, there are numerous complaint that hybrid cars gives headache, nausea and motion sickness to people. They are fine with regular gas powered cars.

Cars nowadays have a lot gadgets built in such as navigation, sensors, Bluetooth and emf from engine and etc. They do product radiation and it does not make it easy for EHS to comfortably drive one. I could not drive my car for long time until my condition improved.

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