Electronic tooth brush

When my condition was really bad and I was sensitive to pretty much everything, I stopped using electronic tooth brush. Over time, my condition has improved so I started using electronic tooth brush and it has been probably couple years that I have been using the electronic tooth brush. I recently heard a web interview and learned that electric tooth brush emits high EMF because they use magnetic to create vibration. I used my tri-field meter and measured the EMF and it does emit high EMF like 100+.

When I was really ill, I used to get headache and it was like my EMF meter built into my body but I no longer get a headache. The health can be affected by accumulation of exposure such as nightstand next to your bed, plug in alarm clock next to your bed/head and etc. I am going to choose my general health over my oral health.

My condition has been gradually improving. I am not completely healed since I still get tired after exposure, but I definitely feel different in my body. I feel like something left my body that was making my body sensitive or making outlook of my life bad. It is like dark cloud over me is no longer there. As long as I am living in my house with my routine, I do not think about EMF or that I am EMF hypersensitive. My past experience seems like distant nightmare and feels surreal to think that I was sensitive to street light fixture and I was not able to go inside of stores with fluorescent lights.


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