EMF Hypersensitivity Recovery

My EHS condition has been improving and lately I have moments that I have no symptom. It is great feeling of calm and peace that I have long forgotten. Sun is warm, wind is a breeze and life is good. I think my nervous system is tipping point where it is no longer stuck in stressed mode.

Few things that I have made changes:

  1. Got root canal for sensitive tooth that was  giving me cold/hot sensitivity and minor ache in general. That probably made a stop to stress signal that was constantly bugging my nervous system.
  2. Started 10-15 minutes meditation before picking up my daughter from preschool. When I get to daycare parking lot little early, I park my car and listen to relaxing music, close my eyes and meditate
  3. Taking mood enhancing supplement before bed. This made me calm in general and I have little more patience through out the day. Also it helps me to sleep.
  4. Started oil pulling. Those of you who do not know what oil pulling is basically you swash oil in your mouth for 15 minutes to clean bacteria. This in theory should remove bacteria and your immune system is no longer used to fight bacteria in your mouth, so it raises your immune system. I use coconut oil for oil pulling.
  5. Switched my green powder to Wheat Grass from other green powder
  6. Started taking Ghee
  7. Started to wear shungite stone bracelet on both wrists.
  8. Started taking Doterra essential oil (xEO Mega) and had several oil in capsule by mouth.

I found in my experience that there is no silver bullet to cure EHS, and it is a slow and long recovery process. Things I mentioned above are things that I have started doing recently and it may just correlate to timing of my EHS improvement.

I have noticed that I have more confidence in recovering from EHS when I have some sign of improvement. As EHS condition gets better, my mood is more positive and optimistic.


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