Fatigue with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

My condition is improving and I am getting less debilitating headache, I am more aware of other physical conditions. I have been very fatigue when I have EMF exposure and I often drink coffee just to get enough energy. I have good days and bad days and it is constant yo yo like life that never ends.

I have observed that I especially feel ill when I am hot. I noticed often times I feel worse when I come home and that is because the temperature of the house is warmer. I also feel worse when I am washing dishes, because the temperature of water and physical activity right after meal raises my body temperature. I remember that I could not even use Jacuzzi when my condition was bad, because I would get pounding headache.

I have read a book about EHS and the author talked about getting extreme fatigue. At the time, I had bad headache and I thought fatigue is not too bad compare to what I have been going through. I am at that point now. I still have headache occasionally, but it is not bad as before. The author recovered within 1 year so I am cautiously optimistic that I will recover too. I can describe this fatigue as mentally and physically draining. I have family and obligations and chores so I have to keep going even after my job, but I could go home and just sleep for 1 hour if I had a choice.

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