Fluorescent lights causing headache

I listened to interview Dr. Richard Conrad and he says that fluorescent lights and computer monitors emit flickers and some people are sensitive to the flicker. It is called “Flicker sensitivity”. I am very sensitive to fluorescent lights myself. I think there is more to fluorescent lights than just flickering. Most likely fluorescent light ballast emit some kind of frequency that cause headache in my case.

I have had few interesting incidents that relate to this:

  1. I was at acupuncture office after developing severe headache. Main office had fluorescent lights. I was in the treatment room that had over head fluorescent lights off. I also closed my eyes entire time I was being treated. I gradually got headache even though my eyes were closed.
  2. When my condition was very bad, I could not go into shops that have over head fluorescent lights. I often parked my car in the parking lot and waited for my wife to finish shopping. When I parked my car in front of the shop, I often got headache even though I was not looking directly into the store.
  3. I had electrician replace in ceiling fluorescent lights with incandescent/LED type in ceiling lights. When the fluorescent lights were removed but ballast still connected, he turned on the switch and I got zapping headache when he did that.
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