Headache from neck/shoulder hindering EHS recovery

My condition has improved a lot in 2017 and I no longer had daily headache except the time when I get too much EMF exposure. At the end of October, I developed a headache from neck/shoulder. I wake up with a headache and as the day progress, the headache subsides and I feel better, but I was repeating this for 4 months. I am used to headache so I did not act swiftly to fix this. The headache was similar to EHS headache such as dull achy feeling at the left side of my head. I feel like because of constant headache, I became more sensitive to EMF because I was constantly paying attention to the headache and I could feel little aggregated headache.


I thought I need to fix my headache caused by neck and shoulder stiffness in order to heal from EHS. I started going to chiropractic and although it really fixed my back issues I had for many years, it did not take away my headache. I feel like I may have had mild version of CFS or maybe EHS causes stiff neck/shoulder. In any case, I had severe neck/shoulder stiffness and my headache is gone if I stretch my neck regularly. I am back to having no headache which makes me feel much better about EMF because I do not feel like I am reacting. Before, I could not tell if I was reacting to EMF or not because I had a chronic headache.

I am also quitting kick boxing or any other martial arts. Ever since I became EHS, my hands aches after hitting the sand bags even though I wrap my fists and wear gloves. I feel like it is arthritis type of pain. It got little better after resting for few weeks but I do not want to have pain so I am not going to do that anymore. Also, my chiropractic doctor said that hitting the sand bag will have impact on your body that travels from hand to arm to your shoulder to your neck and your body.

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