Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

I just learned that there is such thing as Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Those people are more aware than others of subtleties, more easily overwhelmed, more emotionally reactive, feel more deeply, extremely detail-oriented and etc. I think I have been this way for long time but never thought anything of it. I just thought that is just me, but given the type and explanation, it makes much more sense. I feel like I am finally diagnosed of something that was unknown.


I am speculating type A personality is more likely to be Highly Sensitive Person. Because of being highly sensitive person, I might have become electromagnetic hypersensitivity. I believe EHS occurs when the capacity is exceeded of toxins and negative emotions. I also believe that because you are EHS, you could become HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Highly sensitive sounds negative, but it could be thought as positive trait. For example, being highly sensitive person is a great entrepreneur. Advantages are following according to entrepreneur.com:
1. Emotional awareness
2. Great empathy.
3. Dedicated to fairness and justice.
4. Leaders.
5. Passionate.
6. Need space and time to themselves.
7. Innovative.
8. Generosity.

I am in this health journey and I am discovering new thing about me. This is part of recovery process and I need to learn and understand more about myself. One thing I wish my parents could do was to help me with self awareness and development. If they opened up and shared themselves then I could understand traits I have inherited and how to deal with them.

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