Hisatamine Inflammation is linked with EMF & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Histamine inflammation is links Electromagnetic (EMF) & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is very interesting find by French researcher and the day EHS is officially recognized as an illness may be in near future. Research need to gather what the normal histamin level and what is abnormal and classify an individual as EHS when one’s histamin level is elevated after exposure to EMF/RF.

Also, this leads me to look into how to lower the histamine inflammation. I would think I would need to stabilize Mast cell. The mast cell would release histamine. I do not have histamine intolerance but I think my mast cell is releasing histamine more than usual and my body is perceiving that as danger, hence giving me headache and fatigue. Mast cells also release superoxide which cause brain fog. Stress also makes mast cells to release histamine, superoxide and other things, that explains why EHS is not only enviornmental only illness but has component in emotion as well.

Below stabilize mast cells:

Quercetin (R) – Quercetin works better as a preventative and cromolyn works more quickly (R).
Fisetin (R)
Forskolin (R)
Curcumin (R) (beware: curcumin decreases DAO (R))
Luteolin (R)
Apigenin (R)
Astragalus/Astragalin (R)
Palmitoylethanolamide (R)
Methylxanthines (R)
Reishi (R)
Chinese Skullcap (R)
Eleuthero (R)
Kaempferol (R)
Myricetin (R)
Rutin (R)
Theanine (R)
Adrenaline (beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist) (R)
Tulsi/Holy basil (R)

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