How I am doing in during the pandemic

It has been a long time since I have updated this website with my condition. As I get better and be able to live the relatively normal life, the inconveniences and the nightmare experiences are fading. I am still sensitive and Bluetooth and cell phone near me (really close proximity) can make me irritated and feel unwell, but I live in the house where my wife has her cell phone on all the time. I just try to keep my distance away from her cell phone as much as I can. If she leaves her cell phone on the kitchen counter top, I ask her if I could move it to the mid section of the stairs which give me some distance.

There was fairly recent issue that happened to me. My neighbor got a ring security camera on their front door. Recently, I had to go visit them and they turned the ring security camera to video communicate with me. I felt zapping sensation and I was unwell after the brief 30 seconds communication through the ring camera.

So there are still things that makes me feel unwell from time to time but the severity and frequency are much less compare to before. The things I am doing are:

Taking many vitamins
Drinking mixed vegetable juice
Surfing (exercising and grounding)
10 minutes meditation in the morning

Because of pandemic, I am unable to do other things that I used to do as my regimen. My stress level is much higher than before because I have to take care of my child at home who is doing virtual school. I have to be parent, tutor, cook and IT specialist day after day and I still have to work and do other daily tasks I am responsible for. The life is not easy but definitely easier as I am experiencing less hypersensitivity.

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