Inconvenience of being EHS

My condition is improving but there are still few inconvenience of being EHS. For me, traveling has been challenging because the airports have tons of fluorescent lights and travelers are on the phone all the time to get in touch of friends and families. Some flights even have Wifi. I would have very uncomfortable flight if I sit next to someone who uses wifi all the time and flight duration is 10+ hours to oversea.

I still have an issue operating a vacuum cleaner. It emits a lot of EMF and I do not do well. If my condition does not improve well enough to use our existing Dyson vacuum cleaner, then we probably need to purchase a vacuum cleaner with long horse like below picture


I also cannot use overhead vent when taking a shower so the shower gets very steamy. I turn it on after I get out of the bathroom. Luckily, we have not had any mold issue.

I use to wear RF blocking cap and that used to mess up my hair and give me uneven hairline which I hated.

My social life is very limited now. My friends do not call or text me anymore because my cell phone is turned off all the time. Although I use Google voice number now, I need to check email in order to see text message come in. Also, I do not like to hang out with someone who has his/her cell phone turned on, so I do not get excited about going out with friends or to social events.

One of biggest inconvenience is that we cannot get a baby sitter. Neither my wife or I have family around so we would love to get a baby sitter and have date night, but because of my sensitivity to cell phone, we cannot get a baby sitter. I will not have good time if we have to turn on the cell phone in case of emergency call from the baby sitter.

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