iPhone issue with activation required message

I have cancelled my cell phone service almost 2 years ago, but I still use my iPhone everyday. It is very handy little device that lets me schedule my day, take pictures and I can even browse the net or use app with adapter cable.


Today, I charged my phone and I noticed that the screen shows “Activation Required”, and it does not let me do anything other than try to connect to available Wifi and activate it using iTune credential. I first thought I would need to go to AT&T store or go to place with Wifi like Starbucks to activate the phone, but I plugged in lighting USB adapter and procceded with the activation and I was able to activate the phone. I do not know why I got the activation message all the sudden when it was working fine without phone carrier for almost 2 years.

This event lead me to reflect on my life without cell phone with service for last 2 years. At first, I thought it will be very inconvenient, but it is doable. It has more mental obstruction than actual physical one. I thought about what in case of emergency and if I need a cell phone? I will figure it out then.

The most inconvenient thing is when meeting up with friends somewhere outside. I need to set the time and place and just hope the other person shows up.  Upside is I probably saved $50 a month for last 2 years which is over $1000 dollars.

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