Lungworm Disease

I came across an article on news and learned about lungworm disease. It reminds me of Lyme disease that you get infected by outside carrier. In Lungworm disease case, it is considered snail or slug. In both case, rats could be the primary carrier. Rat lungworm disease is caused by a parasite that impacts rats that then excrete worm larvae. Slugs and snails consume the larvae, which are then passed on to humans who eat raw produce, freshwater shrimp or land crabs that contain traces of the worms.


Officials have noted an upswing in rat lungworm disease – at least nine cases recently – on the Big Island and on Maui, Hawaii News Now reported. This is a big blow to visiting Big Island and Maui. I will probably not visit Maui for this reason. I stopped lake activities after learning about brain eating amoeba that can enter your body from nasal passage and make its way up to your brain.

We have to worry about ticks, invisible to human eyes amoebas, snails, slugs and mosquitoes…. We cannot be worried about them all the time, but we need to take precaution and decide what area to go. Do you must go to those places and is it worth risking your health? We have to weight the pros and cons.

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