Making choices

One of the most important thing you can do if you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity is avoiding exposure to EMF. One of the inconvienience way to find out if there is EMF around you is from your headache. When you have EMF hypersensitivity, you are living walking EMF meter. You are actually more accurate than EMF meter you can buy. Degree of Electromagnetic sensitivity changes over time. You become less sensitive when your nerve system gets repaired and your immune system is back up. When I was sensitive, I was more sensitive to EMF than my trifield meter. I could pick up on EMF in greater distance than my trifield meter can.

I made a choice to quit drinking acholol because I knew it will make my headache worse and I will not be alert to be known all EMF around me. This was before I started a lot of research, but I knew I was battling against something big. I guess it was my instict but it makes perfect sense. Although acholcol make you feel good and relaxed, it is actually a toxin and your body (liver) needs to filter it.

You have to make choices of what is acceptable EMF exposure or not. For example, I drive this intersection after I pick up my daughter from her daycare. I do not know what it is about this intersection, but I get acute headache when I drive this specific intersection. There is no electric wires above so there must be something strong underground. If I try to avoid that intersection and drive another route, then we will get stuck in traffic and it will be extra 20 minutes. It may not be much time but my life is pretty busy and small amount of time adds up, so I decide to get hit by this intersection. I also go to infrared sauna to detox, but I get headache because I get into basically a EMF box. I decided that the benefit out weight the inconvenience.

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