My New Year’s Resolution

In 2017, I hope to cure emf sensitivity or make a major progress. In order to do that, I have to stick to my regimen and go to bed earlier. I have not been very active on the blog, because my condition has been improved and there is not much new. The EMF sensitivity developed kind of all the sudden almost 3 years ago. It just needed a trigger event and all went down hill very quickly. The recovery is not something that can happen all the sudden. It is slow gradual up hill climbing.


As long as there is no cell phone or fluorescent lights around, I am symptom free. I no longer gets stress headache. In some stores or restaurants, I do not feel well and I am guessing it is because of wifi (Maybe security system or Wireless POS system). I am also accepting more about this situation. I attended gathering at friend’s house. They made accommodation and changed all compact fluorescent lights to LED. Also they told their friends to put their phones on airplane mode. It was my first time meeting my friends’ friends and I was big ashamed that I am different that I have EMF sensitivity like maybe they think I am a some kind of freak. I am learning to deal with that.

Recently, I found that I am missing couple of Dr. Paul’s supplements, so I ordered them on Amazon so I am on the total package. A lot of stressful thing happened at work, so I am hoping that my condition will improve even more when my work situation improves.

In next 3 months, I am going to exercise more such as yoga, surfing, walk my dog, morning stretch. I also got standing desk, so I hope my back will be in better condition too.

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