Neighbor illness – Lyme Disease and Compadre

I just watched a story of a man (Xiren) who is recovering from Lyme disease on youtube. The video is well made, because he is in the music industry (great music) and shows great editing skills. His health journey is different from mine because of different illness, yet there is some similarity in struggle. He did not have the diagnosis right away, had suicidal thought, experimented with different treatments and supplements. What I really liked him saying was that he said that no one will understand what you are going through. I can totally relate to that and I felt that it is a solo battle and a journey. Even friends and families will not understand what I am going through, and I need not to expect them to understand. I think the reason Lyme disease and EMF Hypersensitivity is kind of similar is because they both mess with one’s nervous system. When nervous system is messed up, you cannot think straight and function correctly. I hope he will be completely cured soon and end his journey. Be well and Get better.

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