No more headache

I had very busy Saturday. Although I got to sleep in little like until 9am, the day was packed with activities and things to do. This day, I did not wear lifewave patch and I still did ok. I did not have headache like pain in the head, although I could feel little tingling sensation on the sides of head. I could be easily irritated which is one of the symptom of EMF sensitivity, but I am glad with my progress.

I took my daughter to swim school at 2pm. It is indoor and they had fluorescent light on until 2:15pm. The pool smelled of chlorine. After the school, my daughter and I went to friend’s baby shower. The place was packed with people and I am sure everyone had their cell phones.

Then, we went home to pick up my wife and we went to get a massage. I had to drive kind of fast because we were late. (Stress). Then we went to go eat at a restaurant. They do not have fluorescent light, but there are people around me with cell phones.

After that, we went to a super market with full of fluorescent lights. After shopping, we went home and dropped off groceries. I left in 30 minutes to go hang out with friend (drove back to the area where the supermarket was). This place had fluorescent light and my friend has a cell phone. There, I could feel the tingly sensation and I had little trouble with coming up with right vocabulary, but other than that, I did pretty good.

I think what is helping is combination of everything like supplementation, exercise, slower and flexible work schedule and etc. I need to continue to keep it up and do more meditation as I have not been doing it regularly.

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