No Wifi for 2 Weeks

My family went over sea to visit my wife’s family. I was home alone for 2 weeks. In the 2 weeks, I have decided to turn off wifi and just relax. I have watched many movies that I have not had the chance to watch. It really made a big difference and I made further progress on my condition. The only issue is when my family came back and I turned on the WIFI, I could feel it. Before I did not feel it, but it could be because I was not doing so well so I could not tell. Now that I am doing better and I have less headache, I can tell when something is wrong. Somehow, I convinced my wife to turn off the WIFI but she can turn it on if she needs to. I am dealing with stress and irritability but overall, I am pleased with my progress. I doubt that I will be cured by my 2nd anniversary but I am pretty sure I will be cured or make significant improvement within the 3rd-5th anniversary.

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