Reality Check

I feel like my condition is improving, but I had incident yesterday that made reality check for me. I went to visit my friends at their office. I do not see them often and although I told them about my condition, one of them have forgotten it. He was excited to see me and wanted to show me about his projects and wanted me to read press release of one of his project about his company. He did not tell me exactly what is was and just told me that there is something that he wanted to show me. I thought it was something very important that requires my attention. He asked me to read it on his laptop. I thought it was going to be quick, so I did. Soon, I realized that it was more than I can handle.

The desk was located in fluorescent lid room. His laptop was connected by WIFI. He had 2 cell phones on his desk. I could not concentrate well and started disorient a little. Started to feel the tingling sensation on my head that feels like tight band around my head. I probably stayed in the room for about 15-20 minutes, but I was extremely exhausted the rest of the day.

I am happy to report that I got fairly decent sleep (7.5 hours of sleep) and next day, I felt better but probably recovered up to 75%. I even felt the lingering effect the next day. It is kind of discouraging to know that only 15-20 minutes of massive RF and fluorescent lights exposure affect me this much.

I still have long way to go. I want to recover to the point where I can withstand any environment. I may be shooting too high, but I do not think I should limit myself. I need to be contempt of progress I have made, but I need to move forward and cannot be satisfied with my current condition. I want to see how much of recovery is possible.

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