Reasons my condition is improving

My EHS condition has been improving steadily. Life is very busy and we need to pay attention to activities, food, feedback from our bodies to know what is going on.


I have closed down office and I work from home since early February 2017. This has allowed me to work in environment with less stress due to less interaction from people, no more pointless meetings, no Wifi and no cell phone signals. This also cut down my driving time which expose me to EMF from my car and stress from traffic hour commute.

Not consistently, but I am surfing more which has benefit of grounding and exposure to ocean generated negative ions. Also, I am exercising more in general which is mix of cardio and weight lifting.

I have gone to 5 infrared Sauna sessions. I really like the 50 minutes session compare to 40 minutes. I feel like I am detoxing by sweating.

Finally, I am juicing more often. I only juice with evening meal. The juice contains Almond milk, spinach, carrots, frozen blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, banana, chia seed and etc.

What recently I have started are cold shower and no alcohol. That is for another blog post but I think they will contribute to my recovery as well.

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