Recovering in Progress

I have been saying that my condition has been improving, but I am still EHS. The other day, I had to go to attorney’s office in downtown about the accident I had. I was rear ended and the other insurance company is not paying much for it, so the attorney wanted to talk to me in person and explain me my options.

I had lifewave patch because that helps my nervous system calm and I am less likely to get triggered by EMF/RF. The office was located in downtown. I drove my car which I could not drive when my condition was really bad. I had radio and navigation on. I had to park in parking structure that had multiple floors and bunch of fluorescent lights. I went to the office and he had overhead fluorescent lights. We had somewhat complicated legal discussion, and I was still able to hold the conversation. I noticed that I was getting affected and thought process was not as sharp as normally is, but I could still finish the 1 hour meeting and go home ok.

I noticed that when I am exposed to the triggers such as fluorescent lights and cell phones, I am easily irritated especially in the evening when I am exhausted. I do not have the calm state I usually have and I may get frustrated with my daughter easily. I also have feeling like I have a fever or flu in the evening when I am washing dishes. I have long way to go, but I have come long way.

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