Regaining happiness

As my condition improves, I am gaining more happiness. I believe this is not due to soley because of my sensitivity is improving but also my mental state is improving. EHS is physiological condition. It feels like ever since I became EHS, I have changed. I used to be happier person. Now, I am covered in EHS layer and there is still old me inside but EHS layer is so thick that old me inside does not show or it cannot come outside.

The improvement is very gradual and I am less sensitive to many things including fluorescent light, cell phones although the sensitivity is still there. My symptom is milder such as less frequent and less pain (headache).

I am reacting much less to situation and people. I am able to handle much better when my kid cries and screams. I can respond better when my wife is moody or hostile.

It maybe due to New Mood supplement I took last night before bed, but I was feel happy this morning on the way to work. The work is where I became EHS so it is not the place I like to say the least. I think it is due to my EHS condition improving and layers that covering old me (happiness) has been slowly peeling off.


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