Three and half years update

Today, I noticed that I am no longer freaked out about fluorescent lights or cell phone that people carry. I went to Marshall’s and Costco, and I realized that I was not thinking about stores’ fluorescent lights or people’s cell phones. Before I used to think about how to best void them like where I should stand, walk or how much time I should spend in the store. Also, I used to drive by not driving the lane that has direct fluorescent light under the bridge or stop next to cars because driver or passenger have cell phones.

I still try to avoid people on the phone or people using cell phones, but it has become less of priority as I do not have immediate headache anymore. If I get too much exposure to cell phone or fluorescent lights, I get extreme fatigue. Often I have to laydown to take a short nap but I recover relatively quickly now.

I do not bring my massive amount of supplement when I go somewhere over night anymore.

Overall, I have less stress about being EHS now than before. I still have long way to go but I am no longer rushing to get better.

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