Two and half years since I became EHS

These days, I do not do much research on EMF hypersensitivity. As some point, I stopped discovering new things because I searched so much, so I just continue with my regimen and hope to be cured eventually. A lot have happened in 2.5 years and my life has been completely changed. I no longer have a cell phone service, use microwave, have WiFi in house. I sleep with circuit breaker off in my room. I have less friends now that I am not the most convenient person to hang out with. I can still be in touch by email, Facebook, home phone. Just not by cell phone or text message.

I no longer have severe headache. That does not mean, my head is all clear and life is good. I still have sensation on my head, I still have irritability and heavy fatigue. I am getting used to those condition and know that it could be worse.

My wife is more understanding of my condition now. I think she finally got used to my new life. She think about lighting when we go out to eat and she says that we can make it too go if the light is fluorescent lights. She dose not mind, when I ask her to switch seating in a restaurant. I try to avoid sitting near people with cell phone or fluorescent lighting. I do not talk about my condition to her all the time now, and that may be why when I talk about it, she does not mind. Before, she was like I do not hear about this. I am very thankful that we got to this point despite all the arguments we had.

The world is changing as well. I have observed street light fixture in my neighborhood is now LED. Many of the gas stations are changed to LED. New Target near my house is LED. Costco closest to our house converted to LED lighting from fluorescent lights. I would very much like to do a survey of Costco employees there how they feel after they converted all over head fluorescent lights to LED. I am sure there are few who can tell the difference like more energy or less fatigue.

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