It helps to write a blog so I can keep track of my progress and it should give the readers my progress. My daughter had enrollment ceremony on Saturday so I attended. People are taking pictures and videos with their cell phones. Also, hall way had fluorescent lights. I was not sure if the class room had fluorescent light or LED. I then had an appointment of teeth cleaning. After I came from, I had plumber come over for water filter replacement. He showed me a picture of his daughter on his cell phone. With all that activities and exposure, I did OK. I still tried to sit away from people and keep a distance as much as possible when people are using cell phones. I had 2 eon lifewave patches on Saturday.

On Sunday, we went to go see our friends at a restaurant. I picked the restaurant which I have been before and I know they do not have fluorescent lights. We had brunch with 2 of our friends. About 30 minutes into the meeting, one of our friends tried to show me a picture on her cell phone. I told her that I am sensitive to cell phone so I would rather not look at it, then that reminded her of my condition and she turned off her cell phone on her own will. She also asked the other friend to turn off or make his cell phone on airplane mode. She is a great person. After lunch, we went to a cafe. Lighting was fine because it was track light and had high ceiling but it had Wifi and many people were working on their laptops. I did not get headache but I became very tired pretty quickly. After we went home, I took a nap for 1 hour so I can recover. Then I went to nearly Target with my daughter to do some grocery shopping. This target is new and has LED so I can shop there, although they have shoppers with cell phones. I also had 2 eon lifewave patches.

I still get headache when I turn off my wife’s cell phone to airplane mode. When I suspect her cell phone is on, I turn on the screen, when I see that it is on, I change it to airplane mode. For some reason, I get headache in that process.

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