What triggered EHS

I believe in order to heal myself from EHS, I need to investigate what lead me to become EHS and I need to fix or over come many of the issues that lead me to this condition.

I believe that perfect storm was created by many of the issues or life style I was living.

1. Emotional issue
My mom passed away in March of 2011. I was devastated and I was sad for long time. This has changed my life forever and life was no longer happy life. I begun questioning life and how we are created. I even wished that I was never born because the pain I was experiencing and will experience again when my loved ones passes are so painful that I wished for nonexistence. I no longer feel this way because I realized that this is not a choice that is available to me. I cannot go back in time when God created me to not create me. The choice I have now is to live life as happy as possible.

2. Juggling jobs and Stress.
I used to work all the time. I had a full time job, my business and consulting gigs. I worked evenings and weekend. It wore me down. I became part time from my full time position so I can work on my business, so I no longer have to work nights and weekends.

My wife and I purchased a townhouse and we moved. Also we have little one who was year and half old so I was tired and stressed. There is of course happiness in taking care of your offspring and living in your own house, but I did not have the capacity to handle all of them at the same time.

3. Nutrition Depletion.
I was taking PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) for my acid reflux condition for many years. Doctors told me that there is no serious side effect, but it turns out it suppresses stomach acid production so I have less stomach acid to digest food. That leads to poor extraction of nutrition. Also PPI seems to cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Insult to injury, I developed C Diff (clostridium difficile colitis) so I had diarrhea often. At the time, I just accepted that as normal. I stopped taking PPI in the early year of 2013 and I take vitamins and minerals daily now.

4. EMF and Fluorescent light exposure

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